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Vralhalla is a short, standing VR experience created for the 2017 Epic Mega Jam with the theme "However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light". It is a survival game in which you must sail through dark, Kraken infested waters, keeping your ship's lanterns lit and avoiding perilous rocks until daylight arrives.

Note: This game was developed and tested for the HTC Vive. You can play the game with the Oculus Rift, but you may experience visual or positional tracking bugs. We recommend playing on an HTC Vive.

How To Play

  • Hold triggers to grab objects, release to drop.
  • Grab and tug on the sheet rope on the port side of the boat to control the speed of the boat.
  • Grab and rotate the tiller on the starboard side of the boat to control the direction of the boat.
  • Your boat's lanterns dim over time! Grab fuel barrels out of the sea and drop them on the deck to fuel up the lanterns. The Kraken comes if the lights go out!
  • Hitting rocks damages your boat! Grab shields from the sea and drop them on the deck to reinforce your boat. Hitting a rock after losing all shields will sink your boat and bring the Kraken!
  • Survive until daylight to win the game. The game will automatically restart.


Ike Johnston (Programming)
John Donovan (Programming)
Line Bering (Art)
Michael Sillitoe (Art)


Vralhalla.zip 188 MB

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